3D Modelling

In order to experience how we use 3D modelling as part of our design process, please follow the instructions below.

To view a model on a PC click on one of the download links below.

'Esc' toggles the menu on/off. Press the 'M' key twice to enable rotation using the mouse.

hughmorrisonarchitect - Replacement dwelling

hughmorrisonarchitect - Malone Road villa

hughmorrisonarchitect - Road traffic accident locus

To view on a tablet or phone, download the free app 'BimX Viewer' and type one of the following demos into the search bar. You will then be invited to download the model and be given simple instructions on how to open it. Swipe left,right up, down, to rotate and pinch out/in to move forward/back. Alternatively if you tap the place on the model that you wish to go a blue button willappear. Tap the button and follow the menu.